Distilled to perfection

Distillation is the first step to creating  Space Glass, the most incredible medical cannabis oil/vape oil on Earth.

Proven Quality

Big news! Test results show over 90% active cannabinoids. Best cannabis news we've heard!

Savor the Flavor

There's no mistaking the authentic flavor and exceptional quality of Space Glass.

Behind the scenes

It all starts with select strains of cannabis.

Which is grown indoors until cultivation.

Then select bud is chosen.

The extract is refined.

It's ready when it's better than everything else.

Just one taste, and you know.

Rewards Program ICO

We are implementing a blockchain based Customer Rewards Program that will enable customers to buy, trade, and earn ERC-20 compliant tokens, called 420 Tokes. The 420 Tokes will be redeemed by Tokers for our Cup Edition Space Glass Vape at cup events and select dispensary partners around California. Earn Tokes for buying Space Glass, getting social, and completing other tasks.

Thirteen 420 Tokes are redeemable for a half gram cartridge of our Cup Edition Space Glass Vape, 25 Tokes will get you 2. This is a way for our customers to get rewarded for their love of Space Glass. The demand for 420 Tokes will help us to determine the amount of the special Cup Edition we will need to produce. We just can't take the look on the faces of the poor bastards that wait in line for half an hour only to be turned away because we didn't make enough. 

Help us help you!  

Big news! The 420 Toke smart contract has been deployed and Etherscan verified!

Contract address: 0xB6Bd66E00DaC75f979f544cDe2405a29DFc7B9a9