Safe predictable ICO Investment

Absolutely Possible with the 420 Toke Presale and ICO

420 Technology has developed a redemption schedule that promotes an increasing Toke value by lowering the number of Tokes required to be redeemed for products!! 

Full disclosure, this is a product backed Token representing 75% off retail during the presale and 50% off retail for the ICO. There is plenty of room for trading and as Tokes are redeemed we lower the number needed to cash in, continually 

increasing their value.

420 Toke ICO

 420 Technology Inc is the owner of the Space Glass brand of premium distillate vape oil. We have developed a vape oil with total cannabinoid levels over 90% while still maintaining the authentic flavor of the strain, which is why  Space Glass is the best THC vape you will ever taste. A few companies offer vape oil that is close to our level of purity, sadly, they don’t taste good. Space Glass distillates never have any additives and are 100% distillated cannabis extract. 

We are implementing our customer rewards program utilizing blockchain technology that enables us to offer our customers substantial discounts from retail pricing as well as provide us with additional cash to build out our grow license and bring our operation into compliance with the new regulations taking effect January 1, 2018. California is opening the recreational market!!

The money received from the ICO will be used to accomplish several things without having to raise prices or adjust our operations. First, we can acquire and file everything we need to come into compliance with the new regulations. Second, we can begin to build out our Santa Cruz grow license which enables us to control the quality of the material we process as well as which strains we have access to and when. And we can supply Tokers incredible buds, so that's really great too.

This will ensure that Space Glass is the premium vape choice for years to come. Using the ICO model, we can accomplish these objectives without a negative impact to our cash flow position.  

To   kickstart the ICO we conduct airdrop announcements on the forum, the first we closed in under 24 hours due to demand. The presale price of $1 is in effect until we sell and/or bonus the first 120,000 420 Tokes. You may have missed out on the 420 Toke airdrop or you participated and weren’t selected in the first round, don’t worry, there’s lots more going on, like the bounty campaign and more airdrops, and you can still take advantage of the presale pricing before the limited circulation of 420,000 is exhausted. There will be additional announcements coming over the next few days.  

  • We will be listed on the EtherDelta exchange before the end of October and the Toke symbol will be 420.
  • We are going to support an increasing 420 Toke value by  lowering the number of Tokes required to redeem for a 1-gram cartridge of Space Glass, retail value redeemable up to $120.
  • We will adjust the number of Tokes for redemption based upon the Redemption Level (RL). As more Tokes are redeemed, the number of Tokes required to redeem for a 1-gram cartridge will lowered to eventually be just 1. At that RL, Tokes can easily trade at $80 or more!

· We will also be bonusing more Tokes, especially to Tokers who buy 420 Tokes, and airdrop winners, and to those that continue to support us socially. We’ll be watching!  

  We are giving bonus Tokes for Tokers who are buying various quantities of Tokes. The more you buy, the bigger the bonus. The bonus amounts are being finalized and you guys know we love the number 420 so that’s cool, also cool is that the bonuses will be retroactive, so the earlier you buy 420 Tokes the more bonuses you will receive. 

Go to to get your presale 420 Tokes while supplies last.  

The potential for an 80X ROI is incredible, why would anyone possibly do this? We have several reasons and the first is cash flow. Anyone in business or who manages money for a business will tell you that cash flow will make or break the business. Second is a concept like dollar cost averaging, commonly used by traders to change the average price paid for an investment. We control when we change the number of Tokes required for redemption and have developed a formula to trigger each Redemption Level, thereby controlling our cost.  

Redemption Level Toke Values

New regulations are taking effect in January in California and there are lots of additional costs and fees to get into full compliance. This ICO enables us to continue operations without having to raise prices temporarily, without risking losing customers due to ahigher price, no new investors or loans, and with the benefit of acquiring more customers from the new exposure among cryptocurrency traders. 

  The presale ends after 120,000 Tokes are sold, earned, or awarded as bonuses. Try to catch the presale to see up to 80X ROI. If you miss it, the ICO is limited to another 300,000 Tokes that are priced at $2. That is a great value delivering over 40X potential upside for crypto enthusiasts and half price vape for 420 enthusiasts!  If you need any help, send an email to and we will be happy to assist however we can.  

How To Participate in the ICO

You will need to send cryptocurrency to buy 420 Tokes. ETH, BTC, XMR, or LTC.

  • You should send ETH funds from your personal Ethereum wallet like, MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity, Mist, or, Ledger, (hardware wallet). You can send funds from exchanges like Kraken, Coinbase,Bittrex, Poloniex etc, provide an ERC-20 private wallet address
  • Set the Gas Limit to 150 000

You can send BTC from your personal Bitcoin wallet like, BitCoin Core, Multibit, or Armory.

  • Send to the corresponding wallet addresses below an amount equivelant in USD to the number of Tokes you want. Tokes are currently $1 US.

More Tokes purchased =  bigger bonuses.

  • To send Ethereum:  ETH presale address   0x5aae9005A12601B0751348f51bA8740dF1c1c54c  

  • To send Bitcoin: BTC presale address   1Gzit2MjKawhZkVf3rd2rCBYx219LLmnLz    

  • To send Monero: 46RDVPUR2VsfC4jBx7nuHf7jCYHrxhYPR8AtHES1tf2TY97vnvuRhpwe2E2kzjC3H5NVxccKJYfNA6EmjcpAm1f4GyT5SrZ 

  • To send Litecoin: Lh3NgAFZJsBEwooYx5XVV6sUXcdwjJG4pM  

  1. If your transaction crosses the 120,000 presale total you will be notified and may choose to acquire ICO Tokes at $2 over the 100k or we will refund the difference.

After sending cryptocurrency to the designated presale wallet, fill out the registration form below to complete your purchase.

Presale registration

Register after you send your payment.

420 Toke Redemption Schedule

Working Redemption Schedule

The chart shows how we can increase Toke value for our 420 Toke holders, or Tokers as we like to think of you guys. Being a 420 Toker pays!!!