Product Lineup


Everyone wants us to run their buds so we have access to the best. We will soon be offering our own meticulously grown popular strains for you to enjoy.


This is our claim to fame. Super pure and truly authentic flavor preservation. It tastes so good we can't do it justice with mere words, You Have To Try This!


This is how we started. Setting up shatter labs for other companies. You will love the quality and flavor of our shatters. One toke and boom!!

Current Strains

We procure the best buds on the market, extract it, distill it, and offer .5 gram and 1 gram cartridges of your favorite strains. Coming soon, out of this world shatters.

1. Blue Dream

This hybrid tops the charts in every major market, California included. Even in the state where OG Kush is expected to reign supreme, it would appear that Blue Dream still maintains a stranglehold. Leafly reviewers rant and rave over this uplifting berry-flavored hybrid, but do you think Blue Dream's quality justifies its notoriety?

2. Girl Scout Cookies

This California native has sprinted its way to fame in recent years, gobbling up awards left and right for its potency. Itself a descendent of OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies is given an extra sativa lift from a Durban Poison parent. In masterful balance of soaring euphoria and deeply relaxing physical effects, it's no wonder that Girl Scout Cookies ranks #2 in the California market.

3. Sour Diesel

No doubt, Sour Diesel is a staple sativa that holds an esteemed position in most major markets. While some don't like the strain's funky fuel flavor, its weightless cerebral high is often worth it. The uplifting effects can help you get up and out, making this strain a perfect pair for those warm, sunny California days.

4. OG Kush

OG Kush, the flagship strain of California genetics, ranks #4 among its top strains. Reviewing this list, however, you'll notice many of the forerunners are bred using OG Kush genetics. Countless other hybrids not mentioned here also contain OG genetics, so much so that you can attach "OG" to the end of almost any strain name and assume that some California breeder has already made it. OG Kush phenotypes are also marketed under a variety of monikers, many of which play off celebrity names and pop culture references. If we were to include all those branded OG Kushes, OG Kush might actually be the top California strain, period.

5. Green Crack

Though rare in many markets, Californians are lucky to enjoy better access to this ridiculously stimulating sativa strain. Green Crack's racy cerebral high seems to have no ceiling, and hands down, no other strain on Leafly seems to yield as hilarious reviews as this one. California's warm climate could very well be the reason for the abundance of this delicacy, because it sure isn't due to lack of demand up in the cold north.

6. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is the tried-and-true sativa you'd expect to find on any market's top 10 list. Beautifully crafted genetics from Sensi Seeds give way to a balanced effect profile that promotes happiness, creativity, and an uplifting sense of energy. That, plus its rich woody pine aroma, explains why this Amsterdam transplant has been so widely embraced overseas.

7. Skywalker OG

When Skywalker met OG Kush, a beautiful baby was born. That baby is Skywalker OG, a strain that has earned its way to fame not by name (although that probably helped), but through potency and flavor. The THC content of this indica-dominant hybrid is certainly one to write home about, and I've seen the loud earthy and lemon flavors of this hybrid literally raise eyebrows.