420 Toke ICO

Getting rewarded just got easier. Our new blockchain rewards program will help our favorite people, you guys, enjoy Space Glass and great savings! It doesn't stop there, Tokers Club members can earn free Space Glass just being social, referring friends, and when they buy Space Glass at their favorite dispensary. This may be the best cannabis ICO ever.

Earn Tokes by performing various promotional activities for your favorite vape.  Tasks will be versatile and include; a signature campaign on bitcointalk, administration of local branches on bitcointalk, social bounty, bounty for email subscription, as well as bounty for blog posts and media.  Have a unique idea? Contact us, we'd love to hear about it.

The Latest ICO Presale is Asset Backed

The absolute highest quality vape oil!

Our products quality and authentic strain reproduction is unrivaled.

Incredible savings for you!

The 420 Toke saves you big when you redeem and offer plenty of value for Tokers to sell or trade.

420 Toke Cannabis ICO


Join now and start collecting 420 Tokes and earning free Cup Edition Space Glass Vape cartridges. You can always take advantage of our good nature and purchase Tokes to trade in for products at exclusive members only pricing and access to members only special offers.


Once you join you can access the Tokers Club section where you will find lots of ways to earn more Tokes. From a like on Facebook to being an admin on slack with plenty of cool things to do in between, you will be well on your way to cashing in your Tokes.

Cash In

Every 25 Tokes is redeemable for 2 half gram cartridges of Space Glass Cup Edition Vape oil. Tokes can be earned or purchased for $1 each during our ICO presale. Tokes are available now & discounted during the Rewards Program ICO.

420 Toke real ico value

Asset Backed Value

Tokes are redeemable for real products. They will never be worth nothing.

ICO Presale Savings

We are saying thanks and rewarding our customers with incredible savings on Cup Edition Space Glass cartridges. Presale Tokes are redeemable and deliver 75% off of the retail price to start.


We are going to support an increasing 420 Toke value by lowering the number of Tokes required to redeem for a 1-gram cartridge of Space Glass, retail value up to $120. As more Tokes are redeemed, the less Tokes it will take to cash in.

Post ICO

Customers and crypto currency traders, will be able to able to trade their Tokes with each other freely. Maximum circulation is 420k Tokes, Tokes are burned when redeemed, and as more Tokes are redeemed, we will require less Tokes to cash in, which increases the Toke value.  What's a Toke worth when you can get 2 half gram cartridges of Space Glass Cup Edition distillate for it?

Share the big news

Soon after you register you will receive an email with you personal referral code. Share it with your friends and start earning free Tokes.

Get Started

Take advantage of the 420 Token ICO crypto presale. This ICO presale is asset backed by ultra-premium cannabis oil, Cup Edition Space Glass Premium Reserve.